A Davis Family Christmas (2011)

by A Davis Family Christmas

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released December 25, 2011

Vocals: Katie Vogel, Renata Zeiguer, Ross Edwards, Isaac Gillespie, Kris Nolte, Ian Davis
Clarinet/Tenor Saxophone: Connell Thompson
Violin: Renata Zeiguer
Cello: Char Prescott
Organ: Ross Edwards
Everything else: Me baby!

Special thanks to Alex Wernquest (for the lending of a microphone), Meghan Forbes (for choosing the perfect binding and assisting in its execution) and Adam Schatz (for some sagacious EQ'ing advice)



all rights reserved
Track Name: Lilya
Rock to sleep your gentle soul
just as moonlight moves the tides
that in turn
rock the boats in every harbor in the world.

In the morning when you rise
when you open your sweet eyes
look around you will see
that we are there with you and always will be.
Track Name: Alex
I recall
several summers ago
that time
we jumped
from the rocks into the river.

How it chilled the spine
and how we let
the water dry in the sun.
Track Name: Katherine
E enquanto a luz do sol cai
E enquanto a chuva cai
Coisas mudar
e mudança é boa!

(And while the sunlight falls
And while the rain falls down
Things change
and change is good!)
Track Name: Dad
Once a babe on your knee
now turning twenty-three
I just thought it was high time
that I told you that
You've been good to me.

Brush your teeth
Take your lunch
wait for the yellow bus
now we've grown we turned out fine
and know that's because
You've been good to us.

My sisters and I have been cared for
the happy product of parental support
circumstances change
but the love shall remain
I know.