A Davis Family Christmas (2012)

by A Davis Family Christmas



Davis Family Christmas would not exist without my dear friends giving their time and talents so generously. Stephanie Leke, Carah Naseem, Char Prescott, Renata Zeiguer, Andrew Mulherkar, Willem De Koch, Andy Clausen, Booker Stardrum, Zubin Hensler, Rebekah Durham, Jon Seale, Stefan Weiner, Katie Vogel, and Kris Nolte; I thank you. (I'd also like to thank Connell Thompson, Isaac Gillespie, Rob Lundberg, and Riley Mulherkar, who I wanted on this thing and who wanted to be on this thing, but our planets just couldn't align).

And a huge, huge thanks to Tom Tierney for lending me lots of great recording equipment and teaching me how to use it. Thanks to Adam Schatz for the lending of a microphone and another thank you to Stefan Weiner for the lending of two microphones and a glockenspiel.

This project is an attempt to break out of a rhythm, to meditate on my love for the people that make up my immediate family, and to introduce something positive - regardless of how few people it reaches or how insignificant it may be - into what at times can seem like an ever-expanding pool of darkness and atrocities. This is my retreat into innocence. My family is not all sugar plums and gum drops and in addition to the aforementioned descriptions of what this is, this project is a venue for me to sort through some things that are maybe not discussed as much as they ought to be as well as to reflect on my fondest memories with individual family members... And of course, it saves me a few trips to the mall around Christmas time.

Thank you all for listening and a very merry Christmas to you and yours.


released December 25, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: DFC 2012 Theme Song
happens only once a year
christmas time is here
father, son, and holy ghost
are roasting chestnuts
over an
open fire, open fire
family, christmas tree
are to me staples of the
holy day, holy day
no matter where you are
christmas will find you there
mistletoe, hot chocolate,
nutcrackers, candy canes,
carolers in the street,
silver bells
most magical day of
all that you really need
greatest gift that one
could ask for is
presence of the
family, christmas feast
i can hardly wait for
all the festivities
Track Name: Lilya
peaceful as a pine grove
sleeping in the night.
the orange glow of pre-snowstorm, silent moonlight.
she rises before sunrise
wonderment in eyes,
for christmas has brought snowfall;
soft and white.
rejoice! awake!
its christmas, christmas don't be late
the tree! the sleigh!
the family round the fireplace
Track Name: Leah
leah, leah, leah, leah, leah, leahleahleahleahleah, leahleahleah leahleah
Track Name: Gabriella
on rainy days she is there with your umbrella
she'll read you silverstein when you're feeling low
and though she'll throw a mean tantrum if you let her
her disposition is foremost one of love
she is sweet as could be
pretty as a peach
oh i treasure her
and i know she treasures me
Track Name: Clara
in the colonies
the people have no decency
a bunch of savages and woodsmen
in towns of tents and teepees
but back at home
much closer to the thrown
time has refined our sense of import
and we hold ourselves accordingly
step into the parlor
greet the guests
drink your tea with pinkies out
you will find that
propriety will never fail
and that's why england shall prevail!
Track Name: Meghan
long may we lie on the northern shore
nature's bed; that's what its there for.
the bus never came
so the ferry we board
cherries and coffee for breakfast
my love is sharper than sharp
as the tail of a bumble bee
and sweet as the honey inside
but while i was away we had troubles galore
and when i returned we had more
we were both in a state of confusion before
we were leaving the person we cared for
we were passing like ships in the night
but we're now seeing eye to eye
and that leaves me feeling alright
Track Name: Dad
me and my old man
chopping down the family tree
to build a family fire
me and my old man
we love each other
yeah we love each other
i don't know what i'd do without my old man
my dad's one of a kind
a tattooed, yogi, lawyer type
his scales are balanced by jurisprudence and karmic light
a socialist youth turned limbaugh fan,
we should have seen it coming
me and my old man
chopping down the family tree
to build a family fire
me and my old man
we love each other
yeah we love each other
i don't know what i'd do without my old man
Track Name: Mom
when the path forth is foggy
and confusion's at your gate
by and by, oh the lord will guide the way
even beacons and shepherds sometimes
stumble, sometimes stray
so take some time off
come back when you're ready
oh how things fall into place
unseen treasures lie in wait
of all of us
lo! you've found your congregation
with open arms for to lift you up