A Davis Family Christmas (2014)

by ian mclellan davis



this album is dedicated in loving memory to Geoff Davis, the greatest Davis Family artist of all.

this is not so much a christmas album as an album of love; christmas is just an excuse for me to dedicate time to think and reflect on the characters that make up my big, wonderful family and the changes that have come to pass over the past year.

this project also acts as a chance for me to give thanks for the new friends i have made over the year and the old ones i have kept. i am so so grateful for the talented friends i have and so touched and honored by their willingness to bring this album into being year after year.

happy holidays!


released December 25, 2014

adrianne lenker
buck meek
kris nolte
adam schatz
kristin slipp
angelo spagnolo
katie vogel

rebekah durham (violin)
ali jones (cello)

maria johnson (flute)
aleks karjaka (bass clarinet)

drum set/percussion:
jason burger

album art by meghan forbes
words and music by ian mclellan davis

special thanks to jacob blumberg for the loaning of recording equipment and effects pedals, adam schatz for the loaning of microphones and a casio keyboard, jason burger for the loaning of a synthesizer, and ryan schumann for the loaning of his german expertise

This album features artists from the following incredible bands:

Cuddle Magic: www.cuddlemagic.bandcamp.com

Adrianne Lenker and Buck Meek: www.buckandanne.bandcamp.com

The Parlour Tricks: www.parlourtricksmusic.com

In One Wind: www.inonewindmusic.bandcamp.com

Landlady: www.landladyland.com

relatives: www.relatives.bandcamp.com



all rights reserved
Track Name: DFC 2014 Intro -> Lilya -> Miles
santa claus you won't believe what i heard
half of this world in darkness
nothing to eat nothing underneath the christmas tree
empty as could be

the gifts we give our children turn into dust
but family lasts forever
christmas is here happiness and cheer to all the world
each and every one of us


stick close
to the ones you love the most
be good to them

don't for
a second think that we
your family
don't have your back

my goodness
how could it be so
that such a girl exists?

don't fear
if you ever need a friend
i'm always here

write me
how you're doing everyday
i'll write you back

you're young and your happiness will come
Track Name: Gabriella 2014
it was just the other day when
i walked over to see her
and have lunch with them
she was standing in the kitchen
writing out charts of what her fractions were
we walked to the store to buy a couple groceries and bring them back to where we were before
gabriella i like to walk and talk with you and sure would like to make it happen more
concentrating on the task at her hands
transforms her fingers into works of art
Track Name: Clara 2014
so so close
the choices that you chose
brought you where you're at
for a reason
but everybody knows
its never easy
when you are
so far away from home

you know what to do
and if you can't stay where you'd like then
there's other places you
might find what you're looking for
and have cleaner air to boot

if i ran a country then i
would let you stay as long as you'd like
Clara you're an asset to us
Clara you are one of a kind
Never feel unwanted because
the freshest ginger everybody needs one

don't have to fly to Cambodia
vis-a-vis a visa for you
the bureaucratic redtape in life
will drive you crazy but never let it break you
Clara you're an asset to us
Clara you are one of a kind
Track Name: Katherine 2014
we had the upstairs bedrooms
for many years growing up
we were happy to be in proximity
sister down the hall from me
but now we've seen that time is
ever a vagabond
both doing fine
just at opposite ends of the coastal line
but someday Katherine
we will rectify
how many months go by between each visit
oh how it seems that

a longer life
is what we need
to find the time
to take off work
and see each other
where we live
and how we spend
our daily lives
and what we do
and where we eat
and what our friends are like
and how we pass
the time with them
i must confess
i wouldn't be the person that
i am today
if not for you
Track Name: Meghan 2014
ich verstehe dass
das leben kein ponyhof ist
mein schatz hat mich fur das Vaterland verlassen
aber ich sehe den Mond uber Kensington
und ich weiss dass wir in dem gleichen Mond suchen
und wo du hingehst, da will auch ich hingehen (this last line is straight up stolen from the Liebeslied in Die Dreigroschenoper and the "Mond uber Kensington" line is a reference to the "Mond uber Soho" line in the same song)

Deutschland Deutschland uber alles Deutschland
Track Name: Denise 2014
Denise it's been awhile
I hope that all is well with you
looks like the years and miles
have come between the two of us

each second a child is born
needing a mother
lying in a manger
Vietnam or Moscow
straight to you

i met you as a boy
you helped to bring me up
that time when you chased me down our block
was not unwarranted at all

can't choose your family
even the ones that
aren't related by blood
but you love them unconditionally
Track Name: Dad 2014
red beads hung up leading up to christmas
the chieftains bells of dublin playing through the house
our dad knew
how to
make christmas something
special, sacred, magical
to us his children

stockings by the reindeer candelabra
the pole that measured how high our tree could be
red and white striped
fire in the fireplace
time will pass but christmas with my dad will be with me always
Track Name: Mom 2014
you and i are kindred spirits
and always will be
need time alone to think and question
what does it all mean
frugal with our humble earnings
but partial to nice things
anxious for a hazy future
and whatever it might bring

mother of mine
a life is a long time
mother of mine
look and we will find
mother of mine
follow the green lights
mother of mine
we're all gonna be alright

day to day peaks and valleys
highs and lows
every life is rife with worries
as sure as the grass grows
but while some fears are circumstantial
others are not
as soon as we zoom out a little
we realize what we've got

mother of mine
a life is a long time
mother of mine
look and we will find
mother of mine
follow the green lights
mother of mine
we're all gonna be alright
mother of mine
Track Name: Eliška 2014
what a mean little dog
what a tiny, little, mean dog
that's what everybody seems to think but

i can tell you that she
is the sweetest little puppy
i can't get enough of that dog

Eliška you're for me
loyal, soft, and sweet
you'd spend all day beneath the sheets
i just cannot get enough of that dog

well her mother and me
are as proud as could be
elegant and dignified and lazy

well she wouldn't hurt a fly
though she once killed a lizard
but i think he might have had it coming

Eliška you're for me
loyal, soft, and sweet
you'd spend all day beneath the sheets
i just cannot get enough of that dog
Track Name: DFC 2014 Outro
nothing like the feeling of christmas
holy night nothing like christmas

don't you be an Ebenezer
do a good deed give a present
tell your friends you love them
there's no time like christmas time

silent night right before christmas
candle light red and white christmas

stuff a stocking eat a piece of
peppermint or sugar plum make
merry with your loved ones
or christmas will pass you by